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Beautiful hair begins with a healthy and clean scalp. Finding what make me happy, researching new methods on how to maintain healthy hair and expressing my inspiration are just a few words that describes my professionalism. I specialize in what I am most passionate about and that is creating  beautiful hair & makeup. I am Morolayo Falore-Akinkuowo aka Mo Akins. I studied at Hair Academy Beauty school New Carrolton Md. I have been  a licensed cosmetologist for over ten years but been doing hair for over fifteen years. In the hair and makeup industry, I have learn to challenge myself everyday by creating my own ideas and styles. I am not afraid  to be inventive and try something new. That's what makes my job fun. I specialize in Protein Treatment, Hair Extensions e.g Micro links, Lace Front, Cut, Jerry curls,Color and many more.  I currently work in a unisex salon as a master stylist and you can reach me on 240-461-3192  ask for Mo, or follow my works on Instagram, Facebook and youtube @glamdazzleyou
NEXT STEP: I've got some major goals i 'd like to achieve, and that is doing runway fashion shows, hair show competitions, and continuing to build my portfolio by doing editorial work.

Our vision is to make our clients happy and satisfy. Happy clients happy stylist. Our concept of transformation is something most stylists have the opportunity to apply on some level to every area of their work on a daily basis. Doing a color correction, or fixing a bad hair cut, to create our client's ideal look. We will help to push your creative boundaries and insipre you to look at your hair in a new way....

Our Vision

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